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Dashboard Recovering Service

Dashboard Recovering Service

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When working on your Bugeye Sprite, a daunting task could be re-finishing your dashboard. Most of the time, there's much more to the job than just removing the vinyl and slapping some new material on. Over the years, lots can happen to the dashboard. We often find ourselves having to weld up holes, re-drill proper sized holes and even weld up the radio blanking holes so that they don't show through the vinyl after years of wear. 

This service includes: 
-removing the material off of your bare dashboard (dashboards need to be sent in with all gauges, switches and wiring removed)
-cleaning the surface
- welding up improper holes, if desired
- re-drilling original sized holes in proper locations
- welding up radio holes, if desired 
- applying material to make dashboard flat 
- covering in your choice of vinyl from our dash recover kit 

If you would like to send us your dash bar (the small bar of trim above the dashboard) we can re-cover that in matching vinyl as well (just like it would have been from the factory).

If you are having your dashboard re-finished, now is the perfect time to also replace your dash components! 

  • Click here for our dash rehab kit, which includes all of the cables and knobs needed to spruce up your dash
  • Click here for a new turn signal switch
  • Click here for a new ignition key switch, available with our exclusive guillotine switch retainer system
  • Click here for replacement heater and wiper switches
  • Click here for the correct Bugeye combination oil pressure/water temperature gauge
  • Click here for the turn signal indicator light
  • Click here for our GPS speedometer
  • If you prefer the look of the factory speedometer but like the reliability of GPS, click here for our GPS Box converter system to give your mechanical speedometer GPS functionality
  • Click here for our electronic tachometer
  • Click here for our programmable fuel gauge
  • Click here if you need a new dash grab handle
  • Click here if you need a new horn cone
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