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Dashboard Turn Signal Indicator Light - (Bugeye - 1962)

Dashboard Turn Signal Indicator Light - (Bugeye - 1962)

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Finally, we have a source for the green dashboard turn signal indicator light that lives between Sprite tachs and speedos. This has previously been an unobtainable part and we're excited to make it available so people can complete factory-accurate dashboards.  

Our kit is plug and play, we even solder the wires on for you. Although this part looks slightly different when it is out of the car, once installed, this indicator looks very much like the original. In the photo of the lens mounted in the red dashboard, you can see the chrome bezel and lens look just like the original. The lens color is slightly different from the original green but it is very close to correct.

The wiring is changed from original, but an improvement over the OE design. For most bugeye guys and gals this light does the trick, for all but a points conscious concours build.

Note: The corresponding hole in your dashboard should be between .765" and .865" for proper fitting.


The wire that feeds the center of the bulb on your new part should be connected to the original green wire that fed the original indicator bulb. The side bullet fitting is a ground, which you can run to the tach or speedo mounting studs with a ring terminal, to ensure the bulb gets a good ground. This wiring holds true whether your car is negative or positive ground.

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