About us

CONTACT: customercare@bugeyeguys.com or call 203-208-0980 during business hours.

Why buy your SPRITE parts from us?
The answer is simple.
We have handled, built and restored more than 400 Bugeyes. Every part that we sell in our catalog have been vetted on the 400+ cars that have left our building. 
Our cars have to work. Our clients routinely fly-in and drive their new Sprite hundreds or thousands of miles in their first week. If the parts don’t work, we’re the first to know, and we immediately look for a solution for the next car that leaves the building. That expertise is embedded in our parts catalog, every one of our parts customers get the benefit of the daily work we do in our workshop. We are field testing our products daily and this work allows our catalog customers to enjoy the same reliability afforded those who buy cars directly from us.
We buy our parts from all over the world. We buy them from everyone and anyone, including other British part suppliers you'll find advertising their parts online or in catalogs. But the difference is that we are constantly testing the products you see in our catalog on actual Sprites that MUST perform out in the field. And if parts stop working, or don’t fit, we find a new supplier, or figure out a way to modify the part to make it better. This catalog is about passing that experience on to you, so that you can keep your car running and driving with less stress.
Other catalogs claim to have great product development and tech support teams… but make sure you ask when they last tested the product on an actual Sprite (or Bugeye). Our niche focus helps us to know what works and what doesn’t, arguably better than anyone in the industry. We are doing the leg work every day so you don’t have to. I don’t know why anyone would order Sprite parts from anyone else.
We look forward to putting our experience to work for you!