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“Never have I met a vendor so sharing in a passion to get it right, to enjoy the spirit of the Sprite, and infect others to join the tribe!”
- John P., Kansas

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About us

CONTACT: david@bugeyeguy.com or call 203-208-0980 during business hours or 203-561-6929 after hours.

Bugeyeguy Parts was created to fill the gap in the Sprite parts market. A lot of parts we were buying when Bugeyeguy was started simply did not fit. We have curated a catalog of only the right parts, in many cases we have gone right to the source and had new parts made. Check back often as our parts catalog is always growing! 


David Silberkleit bought his first Bugeye Sprite in 1978 for $1100. It was a beater, he found in the Sunday New York Times classifieds, painted in gray rattle-can primer, with shiny teal seats. He retrieved it from a busy street in New Haven, CT where it had been paralleled parked for far too long, with all the dents to prove it.

By 2007, that Bugeye was the only thing David still had from High School, and by then enough people had asked where they too could get something that they would want to keep for at least 30 years, so David founded bugeyeguy.com as a means to match Bugeyes with new owners. Since then, Bugeyeguy has sold more than 200 Bugeye Sprites. Each car has taught David and his team how to prepare the best product possible. Bugeyeguy cars are now located all over the world.

In 2015, Bugeyeguy built a gold metal concours Bugeye Sprite, which was certified at the Annual Austin Healey Club Enclave in Gettysburg, PA, after a rigorous two hours of judging by a team of four judges. David calls this "our most difficult build ever, where every part had to be both accurate AND immaculate. It was quite an honor to receive a Gold award, and demonstrates that we can build a completely factory-accurate car, even though most of our cars are built with multiple modifications."

In 2016, Bugeyeguy built their first fuel injected and supercharged Bugeye for a client in Michigan. David and Co also built a Super Sprite for Caitlyn Jenner, a car that appeared in People Magazine and in her memoir. In 2017, “Gumby,” that primer gray Bugeye that started it all, was restored to showcase the array of custom parts that the Bugeyeguys use to make these wonderful little cars into extraordinary machines.

All of those parts, by the way, are now available in the Bugeyeguy parts catalog, the premier resource for restoration parts for Bugeye lovers worldwide.

The Bugeyeguy world headquarters is located in Branford, CT in a restored 1951 Quonset hut. In this location, Bugeyeguy restores and assembles cars shipped-in from around the country. Here, they also fulfill catalog orders and develop new Sprite products for the customers around the world. Visitors are always welcome, by appointment.

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