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Heater/Wiper Push/Pull Switch (w/out knob)(thru '70)

Heater/Wiper Push/Pull Switch (w/out knob)(thru '70)

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These switches work great if your original heater cable and switch no longer works to activate your blower. The original heater switch had a cable as well to activate the door. With this fix, you will leave the heater door open the wire this up to activate your blower when pulled.

This also works great for the wiper motor! Simply add a W or H knob and the switch will activate your blower or wiper motor. We sell H and W knobs too! They slide right on.

NOTE: The original hole for the heater switch was larger than this replacement. Ideally, welding the original hole on the dash then re-drilling it with the proper dimensions for this switch is the best option. The original switches with the cables are no longer available, and if you can find a used one, they're very expensive. If you don't want to fill and re-drill your dash, you can try finding some form of spacer/shim/or fillet to make it work in the original hole. 

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