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"GPS Box" Make your mechanical speedometer a GPS speedometer!

"GPS Box" Make your mechanical speedometer a GPS speedometer!

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Occasionally, the mechanical speedometer components inside a Bugeye transmission will fail. Since these parts are currently not reproduced, this will lead to an inoperative speedometer. Additionally, our five-speed Ford conversions are tricky to run a mechanical speedometer in, as it involves running the speedo cable in a very inconvenient location. We ran into this a while back with Shelby, and our regular solutions wouldn't work because Shelby has a set of custom gauges. So we employed a SpeedBox, and we couldn't have been happier with the results!

For those looking to retain their stock mechanical Bugeye speedometers while gaining the accuracy and convenience of a GPS gauge, this is the solution for you! This system is perfect for those who prefer the look of the mechanical gauge, those who have had a speedometer gear failure and would prefer their gauges match, those who are converting to five-speed transmissions and don't want to run the speedometer cable inside the passenger compartment, or if you just want something different! This kit includes everything you need to install the SpeedBox in your Bugeye!

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