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Electronic tachometer

Electronic tachometer

$ 272.95

Sprite tachometers are a persistent problem. The cables fail, tach drives fail, instruments fail, etc. Many of the cars that arrive here come with non-working tachs.
We are always looking for a better solution. This electronic tach is that solution. It’s a brand new unit, built to match our GPS powered speedometer (which you can see by clicking here). We’ve custom made this gauge face to evoke the look and feel of the original. You can see in the photos that our new gauges are a close match to the original gauge face.
Now you can have modern new gauge reliability with the correct vintage look and feel. And you can remove your tach cable and cable gearbox from the back of your generator. Get rid of those headaches once and for all!
Negative ground only. 
Works with points or any electronic ignition module such as Pertronix or Flamethrower.
Install instructions included.
  • There are two wires that are not accounted for on the instruction sheet, a black wire and a blue/white wire. These power the small blue indicator light on the tachometer. Black wire is negative (ground) and blue/white wire is positive.
  • If your car's original tachometer has an ignition warning light present, the LED blue indicator light mentioned above is not compatible for that system. You must keep the original incandescent light installed (we usually tie these up behind the dash) to complete the charging circuit for the car. 
No core required for this product. You can see this tach and our matching speedo installed in the photo in a walnut burl dash. (email if you would like a wood dash!). Our gauges are the same size as the originals - 4" including the bezel!
Additional installation note: The newest generation of the tachometers have been built with LED lights and will no longer need a power inverter for dash illumination. Simply connect the white power wire to dash light power. If you have two black wires on a single connector off the gauge, then it will need the inverter. We are updating the instructions as we get them in but some may have gone through before we knew of the change! Please contact us with any questions, we are here to help!
NOTE: As with many electronic tachometers, when power is cut to the engine the tachometer will read the last RPM the engine turned before the power was cut. Generally this will be the idle RPM. In order to return the needle to "0" at rest, all you have to do is turn the key back on for approximately 1 second and then off again; this will reset the tachometer to "0".

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