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Correct Bugeye and Mark 2 Sprite Combo Gauge

Correct Bugeye and Mark 2 Sprite Combo Gauge

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This is one of my favorite new parts!

I have always felt the dashboard and instruments are the most important part of any classic car, since you stare at it all the time. So this correct reproduction of the original Bugeye combo gauge is a winner! It matches the exact type face used on the Sprite Mark 1 gauge. For years, people have settled for the MGB type combo gauge in their Spridget (they look a little different, the numbers and type font are slightly different). Now you can have the correct original!

If you have an original gauge, chances are the needles and numbers have weathered, and that the chrome bezel and/or glass are scratched. Now you can have an entirely new gauge that looks perfect.

The only difference between this gauge and the original is the light socket, which you will need to convert to the plug-in type. Your original combo gauge has a light integral to the bracket, which will not work with this gauge. We sell the correct gauge light socket and bulb as well! 

NOTE: This gauge has the correct 2-3/16" Bezel diameter and the correct 2" body diameter to fit the factory combo gauge hole in a Mark I and Mark II Sprite.

Restorer's tip:

Be extra careful with the ether tube that powers this temp gauge. If you kink the tube, the ether comes out and the gauge needs to be rebuilt. Have a helper assist you with installation through the firewall and feed the tube carefully.

We test all temperature gauges before they leave our facility. Due to the delicacy of these gauges, once unfurled the gauge is no longer returnable.



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