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948 Engine Rebuild Kit

948 Engine Rebuild Kit

$ 1,474.95

Kit includes:

• lower engine gaskets with upgraded neoprene rear sump seal and upgraded silicone side cover gaskets

• head gasket set w/ copper head gasket 

• rocker shaft 

• valve spring set and valve cups

• intake and exhaust valves

• manganese bronze valve guides

• premium tappet set

• uprated mild camshaft

• cam bearing set

• main bearing set

• rod bearing set (tri-metal up to +.030")

• rod bush set

• piston set with rings and wrist pins (8.3:1)

• crankshaft spigot bushing

• lock tab set

• thrust washer set

• oil gallery plug set

• brass core plug set

• heavy duty timing chain

• engine and gearbox mount set (5 pcs)

When rebuilding your engine, we also recommend replacing your water pump, thermostat, bypass adaptor & hose, radiator hoses and oil pump, as well as upgrades such as a rear crankshaft oil seal conversion and a spin-on oil filter conversion, which are not included in this kit. 

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