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Bugeye Sprite Water Pump Short Impeller 948 Engine

Bugeye Sprite Water Pump Short Impeller 948 Engine

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This is an aluminum short impeller water pump for 948 engines. Comes with a gasket.

Installation tip:
- Make sure the dowel pin fits properly in your block casting before bolting the pump into the block. We have had pins that need to be ground slightly in order to allow the pump to fit flush to the block. Any issues with this depth will cause leaks around the pump face.
- We also sell the long impeller water pump, traditionally used on 1275 engines. If desired, you can adapt the long impeller pump to move more water. BUT make sure the impeller will clear the cylinder casting for the #1 cylinder. 

If you are looking for a cast iron original style pump, we have those too.


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