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Dual sprocket timing chain upgrade kit-Engine upgrade!

Dual sprocket timing chain upgrade kit-Engine upgrade!

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The single row timing chain is a weak link on a 948 engine. This kit includes a cam and crank dual sprocket pulley to convert from a single row to dual timing chain. Also included is the absolute best dual timing chain we could find to fit the new gears. This is a great solution to reduce the chances of timing chain noise on your 948 engine! There is no tensioner integrated into the A series engines so we recommend this kit if you want hassle free operation down the road.

A smart upgrade for all engine rebuilds!

This kit will also fit 1098 and 1275 engines.

Lock tab washer for camshaft or crankshaft not included.

Restorer's note:

If you do this upgrade on a 948 engine, the sprockets will hit two bolts mounted on the front plate of the engine. Simply remove these bolts, countersink the holes, and replace them with the provided countersunk allen head (5/32 hex size) machine screws to afford more clearance. Add blue locktite to the threads to prevent them from backing out. This is how we address this issue when building engines at our shop.

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