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Spin-on Oil Filter Adapter with Filter (948-1275 Engines)

Spin-on Oil Filter Adapter with Filter (948-1275 Engines)

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Fits 948, 1098, 1275 and others. For all Sprites and Midgets.

If you have ever changed a cartridge filter on a British car while on your back and had oil run down your arm and into your armpit, you'll understand why this product is such a blessing. Cartridge filters are a pain. First, you have to clean out the bowl, which is particularly tough if you don't have access to a parts washer, and then you have to make sure the O ring fits perfectly when you re-mount the filter housing. There's nothing fun about that job, and if you get it wrong, you can blow out all your oil on the first start-up.

Instead, I encourage you to convert your cartridge style oil filter to a modern spin-on type and eliminate all the headaches. To change your oil once this kit is installed, simply spin-off and replace the cartridge. Upon removal, a little will come out since the spin-on filter lives on it's side, but you'll make far less mess changing one of these then when you lower off the cartridge bowl and try to get it out of your engine bay, spilling hot oil all the way! This kit makes maintenance much easier.

Our kit includes a filter and everything you need to get the job done right the first time. While this is not correct for a concours car but is a common upgrade on all Spridgets given the convenience it affords.

INSTALLERS NOTE: Make sure to check the fit of the aluminum disc to the block to have a flat, tight fit. If it doesn't fit flat, then you may have to take off some material from the disc to get a flat mate to the block so it doesn't leak. 

We also sell extra filters and zddp additive, which should be added after each oil change, unless you already have zddp in your motor oil.

Installation note: thread size for the oil cooler lines is 1/4 NPT. If you don't have an oil cooler, this info is not relevant.

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