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Pertronix Electronic Distributor with Wire Set (948-1275 Engines)

Pertronix Electronic Distributor with Wire Set (948-1275 Engines)

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This is an entire points-less Distributor for your 4 cylinder Austin Healey Sprite or MG Midget.  The electronic ignition upgrade is a great reliability add-on for your Bugeye. This requires push-on (not side cap) wires which is why we include them in our kit. We usually use black or dark blue wires so it will have a period correct look.

Please specify if you have a positive or negative ground car in the drop down menu when you order. Make sure you order the correct polarity, you need a negative Pertronix for negative ground cars and positive ground if you have a positive ground car.

FITMENT NOTE: We use this distributor on all of the Bugeyes/Spridgets we convert to electronic ignition. This part works as a replacement for both 25D and DM2 distribbutors.

NOTE: We strongly encourage all of our customers to swap their cars to negative ground if they have not done so already, especially if performing this upgrade. The negative ground units are much easier to install and swapping to negative ground now opens your horizons for more electronic upgrades in the future, like our GPS speedometer, Electronic tach, generator/alternator, and more!

Click on the video below for more information on electronic ignition vs. traditional points!



Negative-Ground Pertronix distributors connect both wires to the coil. The RED wire is attached to the POSITIVE post on the coil and the BLACK wire connects to the NEGATIVE side of the coil. See the photo gallery for an illustration.

INSTALLATION TIP 2: Positive-ground Pertronix distributors connect differently from a negative-ground unit. Only ONE wire from the positive-ground pertronix unit connects to the coil, and the other is spliced into the original ignition wire. The positive side of the coil is grounded. See the photo gallery for an illustration of this.


Nothing is more frustrating when tuning an older British sportscar than chasing multiple issues. You might think your carbs need adjustment but perhaps your distributor is worn and the dwell is wandering all over the map. When you put in one of these new distributors, you can usually eliminate ignition issues and focus on tuning your car correctly. New bushings, new premium rotor and new wires are all built in to this upgrade. This is where we usually start with the cars we prepare, for the best results.


The top-load cap on this distributor will not work on account of clearance issues with the steering shaft. The side entry cap we sell will work on this distributor. Please contact us before purchasing if you have a Right-hand drive Bugeye so we can make sure you get the parts you need!

If you are replacing your distributor, and would like a new ignition coil to fire a good spark, we have one here.

You should also replace the distributor o-ring at the same time.



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