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Generator/alternator with Dummy Regulator (for 948 Cars w/ cable driven tachometer)

Generator/alternator with Dummy Regulator (for 948 Cars w/ cable driven tachometer)

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Modern alternator disguised as a stock Sprite/Midget generator!

NOTE: THIS PRODUCT IS POLARITY SENSITIVE. Please verify whether or not your car is positive or negative ground before purchasing this part. Purchasing the wrong part and installing it will potentially damage your new generator/alternator and will void the warranty.

This alternator hidden in a generator's body is a superior choice for the following reasons: 
- outputs 2x the amperage (45 amps) of a stock generator (22 amps stock)
- weighs less than a generator @ 6.5 lbs (stock was 12.5 lbs)
- looks stock 
- allows you to maintain the mechanical tachometer cable drive on the back of your existing generator (mechanical tachometer cable drive is not included)
- allows you to maintain your stock tachometer without having to convert it to electronic 

Installation Notes: 

  • This unit is shipped with our dummy regulator - since this is an alternator, it has an internal voltage regulator. The dummy regulator provides an additional fused link to protect your wiring harness in your car. Instructions on how to properly wire the dummy regulator will be automatically sent to your email upon purchase of this unit. 
  • Be sure to check that your cable is not bound up - if you install a bound cable, it could damage your tachometer
  • You will need to remove your pulley and fan from your original generator and install it on this unit 
  • The "D" terminal is located on the rear of the unit. The "F" terminal is located on the side of the unit, and is slightly smaller than the "D" terminal.

You could also swap to an alternator conversion kit which uses a modern style alternator, 

This product is a great innovation that enhances the electrical system on every Spridget!

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