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Tachometer Drive Gearbox (for 948 Generator)

Tachometer Drive Gearbox (for 948 Generator)

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Is your tach not working properly?  Have you checked the cable and the gauge and it's still not functioning? This is the gearbox on the back side of your generator and they can go bad, but luckily we have these new ones! 

A precaution: Although these units do come packed with grease, it is good practice to open it up and repack it with extra.  

Installer's Note: Sometimes with these reproduction gearboxes we have had customers complain about incorrect spacing at the generator mounting point which causes the retaining collar to pull off of the shaft and ruin the part. A remedy to this is to place a small washer between the generator mounting surface and the brass nut to tighten the tolerance a little bit.

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