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Electronic Tachometer conversion, with your core provided - all Spridgets

Electronic Tachometer conversion, with your core provided - all Spridgets

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The Sprite mechanical tach is driven by a chain of components, all of which need to be working properly. If any one piece of the chain is non-functional, the tachometer doesn't work. An electronic conversion is a nice alternative that allows use of the correct original gauge face and needle, but replaces the guts with modern electronics. This allows you to use a later Sprite generator (with no tach drive) or an alternator. Reliability, accuracy and consistency of needle operation are all benefits of this conversion. You'll find the needle also becomes much less likely to get jumpy.

Send us your mechanical tach and we will convert it for you. Three wires come on the converted unit: the green wire goes to the coil (and connects to the terminal that runs to the distributor), the black wire goes to ground and the red goes to switched power. It's pretty easy to hook up and works with electronic ignition and points!

Priced at $369.95, plus a $200 core charge that is refundable when we receive your rebuildable Mk1 tach.

Please specify if you want a high beam or ignition light indicator in the dropdown menu.

If you prefer to keep the very same tach that came out of your car rather than exchange it, you may send it to us for conversion and avoid the core charge. Please note the turnaround time will be longer. 

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