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"Wet" Rear Brake Shoe Rehab Kit (All Spridgets)

"Wet" Rear Brake Shoe Rehab Kit (All Spridgets)

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More than half of the Bugeyes we see have leaking axle seals and wet, non functional rear brake shoes. Pull your handbrake while rolling-if you have no braking action, you might have leaking axle seals or rear wheel cylinders which have trashed your rear brake shoes.

This kit will help you fix the problem. You get two axle seals, two gaskets, two o rings and a set of rear brake shoes, all to restore your rear brakes and make them work again! 

Brake fluid is often the culprit, having leaked out of the rear wheel cylinders to wet the shoes, so make sure you also look at our hydraulic rehab kit and replace your rear wheel cylinders too if they are leaking!

Be sure to select the proper brake shoe type for your car in the drop down menu before ordering. You will need the late brake shoes if your car is MKII HAN6 20792 or later.

Note: Make sure your axle seal is properly installed. The rear hub has two steps in the outward facing portion of the hub. The lower step receives the seal with the back of the seal facing outward. In other words, the front face of the seal faces the center of the differential. The outer step or race receives the rear hub bearing. You can see the two steps of the hub in the picture of the hub below. You can also see the seal installed correctly, although it is not fully pushed "home" in the photo.

Both the seal and the bearing should fit snugly in the hub and require some tapping to get them in place. Please verify that the outer diameter of your seal is about 2.5 inches in diameter as shown. If the seal (or the bearing, for that matter) is loose because of wear to the outer race, you may need a new hub, or you can try dimpling the outer race to add adhesion for either the seal or the bearing (or both).

Installers note: The paper gaskets can be put in with sealant or dry. We use sealant (Permatex Indian Head) as an extra measure against notorious leaks. 

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It probably makes sense to replace the wheel cylinders while you are there, find them here. Also, don't forget to be sure you have good brake shoe springs!

 *Brake assembly pictures provided to help identify the style you have.*

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