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Bugeye Sprite Interior Panel Kit

Bugeye Sprite Interior Panel Kit

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These interior panel kits have a great fitment and truly transform the interior of your car.  If you are restoring a Bugeye or just looking to spruce-up a tired interior, you need one of these kits. They make any Bugeye beautiful!

But why stop with beauty? If you want factory correct accuracy, we have a few choice upgrades which are listed and linked below! Our deluxe kit that comes instead with correct door liners and deluxe factory accurate door pockets. Use the drop-down menu to choose the option that works best for you!

Also, don't forget to get the panel screw kit for installation, available here!

Here is the breakdown of what is included in each basic kit, along with links to suggested upgrades:

1 & 2 are vinyl covers for the inside of your doors. We suggest our rubber liners instead, which match the originals. The challenge with these vinyl liners is that they will telegraph the likely imperfections on the door skin. Our rubber alternative is a better choice, more accurate, better sound deadening, and will not require a perfect surface underneath since it is thicker. You can buy those liners by clicking here.

3 & 4 are the rear panel covers that attach behind your shoulder on each side

5 & 6 cover your outer footwells

7 & 8 are the inner rocker panel covers. You'll notice a vinyl tail on these pieces... these are to fill any gap between the adjacent panels so you don't see sheet metal showing through that gap. Simply lay the vinyl flat and it will hide any gaps.

9 & 10 are "make your own" door pockets. You get two thin boards with thin white foam and cover vinyl (# 16 and 17). You can glue these together to make a nice flat panel. May we suggest you upgrade to our premium door pockets, which much more accurately match the factory door pocket.  

11 & 12 are the inner footwell panels

13 fits on the forward center of the transmission tunnel.

14 is sufficient matching vinyl to cover your dashboard

15 is sufficient vinyl to cover your center cockpit trim piece (factory side and rear cockpit trim was silver, front trim piece vinyl covered). Cut this piece to fit

*14 & 15 may come as one piece that you have to trim for the two individual pieces.

16 &17 are vinyl pieces if you elect to build your own door pockets panels as mentioned in 9 & 10 above

18 & 19 are extra vinyl filler strips that can be used anyplace your panels don't butt together adequately. Use these to hide the sheet metal, often a non matching color, from showing through. Not all installations require use of these strips.

NEW-Now available, dark green! See the photo in the gallery for color reference, these panels look nice in dark green, leaf green and British racing green cars.

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