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Premium Door Pocket Pair (set), Blue, Red or Black - (Sprite MkI-II/Midget MkI)

Premium Door Pocket Pair (set), Blue, Red or Black - (Sprite MkI-II/Midget MkI)

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These are the premium and correct door pockets for your Bugeye. They are constructed of fiberboard with metal reinforcements for a much more durable product than the flat fiberboard normally offered in this sort of kit. 

I particularly like these because they have the raised perimeter panel under the vinyl which matches the original door pockets. Most of the panels we see on cars are flat boards. These have the proper relief built-in beneath the vinyl, which makes your door restoration look factory correct.

Each pair of door pockets arrives flat and slides down into your door panel with no fasteners needed. Installation is simple.

For optional maximum factory accuracy, you can bend the top edge of the panel before installation. This makes it easier to reach into the door pocket and also matches the factory configuration.

Door pockets are sold as a pair.

The original pockets were held in place with a rivet and one screw. Most people just slide these in and you're done. They fit tight and stay in place once you slide it down onto the door tracks and no fasteners are required. It's normal to see some minor imperfections in the vinyl tension on the backside of the pockets. This side is not visible once the panel is installed in your door.

If you are looking at door pockets, you may need an interior panel kit!


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