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Austin Healey Sprite Correct door liners for your Bugeye Sprite (pair) Interior - Bugeye

Correct door liners for your Bugeye Sprite (pair)

$ 79.95

Finally! Correct rubber door liners for your Bugeye Sprite!

We've seen all kinds of funky door liners on the cars that come to our shop and we're excited to now offer the correct ribbed rubber liners. They are pre-cut to size and ready to install in your Sprite doors, to line the inner face of your door with style and accuracy. They're deliberately long, designed to form a pocket in the door bottom.

These ribbed rubber pieces are a wonderful reproduction of the original rubber liners that would have come with a brand new Bugeye, and we are delighted to make them available for anyone who wants the correct finish for the inside of their doors. They help dampen road noise too!

We have these available only in black. That said, we have found that the black Mats look good in Bugeyes of all colors.

We use 3M Heavy Duty 20 spray adhesive and you’ll need a clean, smooth inner door skin to get good adhesion of the rubber to the metal. We use these on the cars we restore and now you can too. This product is a must for every Bugeye!

Sold as a pair.

*Installation tip: start in the middle and unfurl outward

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