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Austin Healey Sprite The "GenerNator" (modern alternator disguised as a stock Sprite generator) Electrical - Bugeye

The "GenerNator" (modern alternator disguised as a stock Sprite generator) with Dummy Regulator

$ 319.95

We love our new GENERNATOR!

It outputs more than twice the amperage, weighs a lot less, looks totally stock and is easy to install. It’s a great innovation! Plus it works on negative OR positive ground cars! No need to change to negative ground to run this alternator!

Finally, you can convert to alternator on your Sprite AND retain the original mechanical tach drive on Bugeyes and early Sprites! No need to change gauges! Hidden inside this stock generator tach drive body is a modern alternator, well-supported on good bearings. 

This is a wonderful innovation of great interest to early Sprite owners with a mechanical cable driven tachometer. Now you can run that original instrument on your new genernator. Simply connect your tach drive gearbox and cable to the back just like on the stock generator, fit your original pulley and fan, and away you go!

It’s more than twice as powerful as a stock generator and puts out 45 amps. Stock type was only 22 amps! Plus you get that power available to you at lower RPMs. Weighs only 6.5 pounds. Stock type weighs 12.5 pounds! 

Instructions are included. We only sell this product with the dummy regulator. The dummy regulator looks completely stock but hidden inside is a 50 amp fuse that will protect your wiring harness in the event of any issues.

Alternatively, you can leave your existing regulator in place and the included instructions explain how to wire it up as a junction box. In this way, your existing regulator serves as a fuse for your new GENERNATOR but remember that it will melt should there be a short, which is why the fused dummy regulator is a better choice.


  • For POSITIVE GROUND cars, we have also shown a diagram that allows you to remove the regulator entirely. Wire it up per the diagram without the control box in place. In the small diagram shown "WITHOUT DUMMY REGULATOR" the "D" and "F" terminals shown are on the GenerNATOR, NOT on the control box (because it's not present in this scenario). We still recommend using the dummy regulator for fused protection.
  • The "D" terminal is located on the rear of the unit. The "F" terminal is located on the side of the unit, and is slightly smaller than the "D" terminal.
Available for negative or positive ground cars. Positive ground units require a small relay to be installed and that relay is included with the positive ground unit. Use the drop down to select the correct polarity for your car.
This product is a great innovation that enhances the electrical system on every Spridget!

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