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Firewall Grommet Kit (Bugeye Only)

Firewall Grommet Kit (Bugeye Only)

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Are some of the grommets in your firewall missing or damaged? This kit will help to remedy this problem! This is a complete grommet kit for the firewall of your Bugeye, used to plug holes, run wiring or tubing through, and help keep exhaust fumes out of the passenger compartment!

NOTE: The grommet for the Combination Gauge is not included in this kit since it comes new with a new combination gauge. However, if your gauge is operating properly and you only need the grommet, you can find it here.

NOTE II: Bugeyes were made so they could be either left hand drive or right hand drive. thus, there are two holes in the firewall for where the steering column could pass through. The blanking plug for the steering column hole not used on your car does NOT come with this kit, but we have it here.

We also carry new Later Style Combo Gauge or Original Style Combo Gauge's if you're needing them.

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