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Austin Healey Sprite Smiths Combination Gauge - New-ON SALE!  - Bugeye

Smiths Combination Gauge - New-ON SALE!

$ 189.95 $ 219.95 Sale

It's all about the ether.

Break the metal line shown and you'll smell it, and once that rabbit is out of the hat, you're done. (You need the ether so it can heat-up and move the temperature needle).

This mechanical wonder is a great replacement should you ever snap your hose (which is easy to do when ever you try to remove the probe from the head or radiator)! It's a new reproduction of the exact combo gauge used on many British classics. The letter/type style  on the gauge face is not an exact match for Bugeyes but it's very close, and if you don't have a gauge to rebuild, this is a great option!

Many Sprites have non working temp gauges. This self-contained mechanical gauge is the solution!

In order to fit the gauge, you will need this bulb and bulb holder

We test all temperature gauges before they leave our facility. Due to the delicacy of these gauges, once unfurled the gauge is no longer returnable.

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