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Austin Healey Sprite Deluxe Vinyl Convertible Tops Tops - Bugeye

Deluxe Vinyl Convertible Tops

$ 449.95

Tops are a wonderful color complement for these cool cars. White tops are great in hot weather, and tan looks great with all green variants. Or choose a black top, the most common choice, and you can’t go wrong. All our tops are easier to fit than most. These Deluxe vinyl tops are our higher quality and slightly more stretchy material, that is easier to fit when cold. Click here to check out our Pebble Grain material tops as a good economical choice.  

All tops require custom fitting to your particular car (regardless of where you buy them) best done at our shop if your car is local, or at the shop of your local auto or marine interior professional.

If you’re making a really special restoration and you really want a premium top this is one of the coolest ways to go! These tops are a beautiful product and you can even get a beautiful unique color (like green), even though it comes at a premium price, it’s well worth it at a show when you’re the only car with a green convertible top!

There is some variety among top bows so we have shown some average dimensions to help people confirm their bows are in the right place. Many have been bent or modified. Don't get too concerned if your particular dimensions are plus or minus about 2 inches, almost all these top bows are alittle different, most have been bent over the years.

The rear bow is usually about 12 inches off the deck with the bow locked in the down position. Add about 3/4 inch when the springs are released and the bow is in the up position.

The distance from the front of the windshield to the back bar should be about 29.5 inches. The distance from the front of the windshield to the front cross bar should be about 18 inches. With these basic dimensions, you can then stretch  a top over your top frame.

Note: all convertible tops must be custom fit to your car. They are sold with the necessary fasteners and you will need to locate and attach them to your new top.  Both materials we offer are high-quality convertibles that will last for many years! You will also ned to locate and carefully cut the slits for the top hooks, this must be done VERY carefully!

If you need the retaining bars, find them here.

If you need the top bow (2 piece) find it here.

Do you need the punch tool for lift the dot fittings? Find it here. You will also need a round punch for the tenax fittings.

To keep your top safe when it's not on the car you will need a storage bag.

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