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Flat Top Bar/Bow Set - (Bugeye thru 1962)

Flat Top Bar/Bow Set - (Bugeye thru 1962)

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These bars are critical to get a good fit on your Sprite top. The somewhat straight bar fits in the windshield on all Sprite Mark one and two, except for the 9 stud early thin windshield cars. Those cars only need the rear bar, which is used on all Sprite mark 1 and 2 cars. We sell each separately, if needed. Many cars are missing the front bar all together.

We have fit more than 100 tops and were never happy with the profile, so we made our own! This front bar properly fits the recess in your windshield, and the rear bar is properly bent for a nice fair curve on your back deck.

These are nicely powder coated black, to prevent rust.

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