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Premium Sprite Rear Wheel Cylinder - Late Type (sold individually)

Premium Sprite Rear Wheel Cylinder - Late Type (sold individually)

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Mark 1 and Mark 2 Sprites had a single piston cylinder on the rear brakes around 1964 or 65, 1098 Sprites were upgraded to dual piston rear cylinders. Some early Sprites have been upgraded to this rear back plate to allow fitment of the dual rear wheel cylinders on early cars. If you car has been upgraded to dual piston rear cylinders this is the product you need to restore your rear brakes. If you have the early single piston rear wheel cylinder you can buy that here . If you're unfamiliar check out the video below which will help you choose which type you need.

The cylinders are for late Sprites with 1098 or 1275 engines.


  • 2 wheel cylinders are required for each front wheel (total of 4 wheel cylinders for both front wheels).
  • 1 wheel cylinder is required for each rear wheel (total of 2 wheel cylinders for both rear wheels).
  • If you discover a leaky wheel cylinder, you should replace the brake shoes and clean the drum with brake clean.
  • We recommend you replace your brake hoses as well as the master & slave cylinders. You can purchase them individually, or all together in our  Hydraulic Rehab Kit.
  • In some instances, the circlip will need to be modified for installation. 

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