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Austin Healey Sprite Improved clutch slave cylinder-stock 7/8" bore Mechanical - Bugeye

Improved clutch slave cylinder-stock 7/8" bore

$ 96.95

Our slotted slave system is an exclusive!
This product saves you time and it's what we use on all the cars that come through our building. Here's why... It's difficult to remove the upper slave cylinder bolt from all Sprites. The bell housing is very close to the body of the car which makes it difficult to get a wrench on this bolt, and that narrow work area gets smaller and smaller as the bolt unscrews.
This modification allows you to simply loosen the top bolt and then pivot the slave into position without completely removing the bolt from the bell housing. The cut-out allows you to slide the slave under the top bolt without needing to completely remove it. We have field- tested dozens of these and they work great!
This is a premier British built Lockheed slave, the best we have found to date, it lasts longer than the cheap slaves you can find on the market, and it's modified to enhance your install experience. If your cheap one hasn’t failed yet, it will soon! Get one of these today! And don’t forget to change your hydraulic fluid frequently, to get the moisture out and keep the bore from pitting.
This is a 7/8" bore slave which we use on all Sprites with great results.
There is a cheap slave available online for under $15. You have to wonder how our product could be worth more than 3 times the price... I don't blame you... but from experience I have to urge you NOT to buy the cheap alternative. I know this from experience, they are junk. And I would pay any amount of money to not have to do this job twice. I have been on my back on a creeper with hydraulic fluid running into my armpit too many times and if I can pay a little more and ensure my slave cylinder will last longer, I will do that any day of the week and I suggest you do so too! These are the cylinders we use in our shop because they just last longer!
Make sure the bleed screw is pointing upward after installation. Some slaves are shipped with the bleed screw in the inlet port. This is done merely so that the slave will fit in the box. Make sure to remove the bleed screw and put it in the hole as shown in the photos below or you will have a difficult time bleeding the slave. 
This 7/8 slave is designed to the fit metal line and flared fitting that came standard on all Bugeyes. Some cars have been retrofit to a 1" slave that requires a flexible line. If your car is fed by a flexible rubber line (and not a rigid metal one), click here to order that type-we sell a premium version of the one inch slave as well.


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