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Premium 1 inch bore Bugeye Sprite slave cylinder

Premium 1 inch bore Bugeye Sprite slave cylinder

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All Bugeyes came from the factory with a metal line feeding hydraulic fluid to the slave cylinder. Some people change to a 1275 engine and fit a rubber line so they can switch to the larger bore cylinder that came with the 1275 later cars. If you have a rubber hose connected to your slave, you will need the one inch bore slave shown here. While you can purchase $20 version of this product online, don't waste your time--this is a premium Lockheed version and the only one we sell. It's costs more, but who wants to change their slave more often then they have to? The premium slave works and will last longer.

We also cut a notch in the top mounting ear on all our slaves to make it easier to fit. You'll appreciate the ease of installation with our product.

NOTE: The one inch slave will make your clutch action a little less responsive then the stock 7/8" type. We use the 7/8 slave on all A-series engined Sprites. But if you have a rubber slave hose, only the 1 inch slave will fit. The fitting size on the end of this is 7/16"-20. 

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