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Bugeye Sprite Convertible Top with Zip-Down Window. The convertible convertible top!

Bugeye Sprite Convertible Top with Zip-Down Window. The convertible convertible top!

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Here's another great innovation! A zip down window is a great luxury because you get excellent shade and sun protection with wonderful air pass-thru. This is the ideal top because it allows you to use for cold weather and rain protection with the window zipped up while also enjoying sun protection during peak summer heat with the window zipped down.

We have designed a tight fitting and easy to install Bugeye/Frogeye hood that is long enough to fit easily. Several major catalogs are selling a top that is so tight, only a pro can fit it. Not so here, this top fits really nicely and allows enough margin that a skilled home installer can get a great result.

Next we have added a zip-down window for flexibility. This is our best top yet. You'll pay a little more for the added zipper, but this gives you an inclement weather convertible top and a string bikini/sun bimini top all in one.

Available in black only. Navy blue and maroon tops are available for custom order; please call first to order Navy or Maroon tops. Available only for two stud/bar type (later Bugeye) not 9 stud (early) convertible tops.

Does not include front and rear retaining bars.

Note: all convertible tops must be custom fit to your car. They are sold with the necessary fasteners and you will need to locate and attach them to your new top.  Both materials we offer are high-quality convertibles that will last for many years! You will also ned to locate and carefully cut the slits for the top hooks, this must be done VERY carefully!

If you need the front and rear retaining bars, find them here.

If you need the 2 piece top bow, find that here.

We have the punch tool to install lift-the-dot fittings, find it here. You will also need a round punch to install the tenax fittings.

When not on the car, you will want a safe place to keep it, our storage bag is here.

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