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Basic Bugeye reliability kit! The five most helpful upgrades you can make!

Basic Bugeye reliability kit! The five most helpful upgrades you can make!

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After over 450 Bugeyes sold and serviced, we have come across and created countless different upgrades to improve the reliability of our little British cars. While impossible to list them all here, this kit includes our top-five most popular (and most helpful!) reliability upgrades to ensure you can get the most out of your Bugeye! 

For the sake of ease, this specific kit is intended only for Bugeyes with NEGATIVE ground electrical systems, stock drum brakes with 4-lug wheels, and stock electronics. If your needs differ from those listed here, call us and we are happy to assist you get the components you need for your specific car! We have what you need!

We have MANY more upgrades available for Bugeyes and Spridgets, so please click here to view our full catalog and see what Bugeyeguys has to offer for you!

Included in this kit are as follows:

1) Complete front disc brake conversion kit for increased braking and suspension reliability (you can purchase this kit a la carte by clicking here)

2) Pertronix electronic ignition distributor with spark plug wires and our "superior" ignition coil for improved ignition reliability (click here for the distributor and here for the coil separately)

3) Generator/alternator and dummy regulator for improved charging in all conditions (chick here to view separately)

4) Brand new pressure-tested fuel tank with sender, fuel pickup line, and fuel line kit with solid state electric fuel pump for consistent and reliable fuel flow (click here to see the fuel tank, here for the pickup line, and here for the fuel line kit with electric fuel pump)

5) Brand new set of HS2 carburetors with manifold and heat shield for reliable carburetion and a set of K&N air filters for lifetime filtration (click here to view the carburetors separately and here for the K&N filters)


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