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K&N Air Filters for HS2 Carburetors (sold as a pair)

K&N Air Filters for HS2 Carburetors (sold as a pair)

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Here is a simple way to figure out which carbs you have on your Bugeye:

SOLD AS A PAIR!!!! These are the best filters for your Bugeye if you have HS2 Carbs.  Unlike the K&N's sold at a lot of other suppliers the ones we have do not interfere with your bonnet closing. These are a lifetime filter which can be washed and reused. Like everything we sell we have tested these on countless Bugeye's and guarantee fitment. 

K&N air filters are designed to be washed and reused for the life of your engine. Assemblies have chrome filter plates and include filters. Ten year K&N warranty or one million miles (non-competition use).


If your HS2's are on the worn out side, which is very common, we have a new set here.

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