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Front Suspension Control Arm (All Spridgets)

Front Suspension Control Arm (All Spridgets)

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If you have king pin wear and plan to rebuild your front end, it's likely you will need a pair of these. It can be extremely difficult to get your old king pin out of your old control arm, so we usually end up replacing them when we do a new front end, because we have to!

This is a high quality reasonably priced product that will make your front end look great. It's pre-drilled for our sway bar kit, too.

Sold individually, by the pair, or with our sway bar kit - select from the menu above! 

Don't forget to order these bits as well!
Bushing Set
Control Arm Mounting Bolt Kit 
Control Arm Grease Plug & Fitting

Note: this control arm comes with the fulcrum pin installed and you do not need the blanking plug with these arms.

Note #2:

  • Frequently when replacing the control arm, the fulcrum pin is stuck or seized in the lower part of the swivel axle. It may be easier to replace your swivel axles while you're at it!"
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