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Pair of Spridget Front Disc Brake Swivel Axle Assembly (All Spridgets)

Pair of Spridget Front Disc Brake Swivel Axle Assembly (All Spridgets)

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We are excited to offer this great product since it is a solution nearly every Sprite needs! King pins and bushings wear. They are a weak link for all Spridgets, and it seems that most people don't grease them frequently enough, and if they do, these are still worn most of the time new cars come to our shop.

This assembly fixes that problem!

Buy a pair of these and you get new bushings pre fit and reamed to match the new king pins, already installed. This has been a challenge in the past... you can buy the new front end kit but you have to ream the bushings to fit. We have taken care of that for you!

You'll get new swivel axles, new king pins and new spindles, as well as new dust covers for the king pins, dust cover springs, zirk fittings and castle nut. This part is a delicious addition to any front end rebuild.

Sold as pairs, because if one side is worn, the other won't be far behind. If you need just one side, please send an email and we will invoice you separately, specify the side you need.

INSTALLATION NOTE: Make sure the trunnion at the top of the swivel axle is installed in the proper direction! Click photo below for more info! 

Here's a maintenance tip to help your swivel axles last.

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