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Pair of Side Mirrors for Windshield Posts - No Drilling Required! (Bugeye thru 1962)

Pair of Side Mirrors for Windshield Posts - No Drilling Required! (Bugeye thru 1962)

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Side mirrors are always a challenge. No one wants to drill their fenders, especially on a fresh restoration. So a windshield post mirror is an excellent option, and these will fit in the aft hole of your windshield frame as shown below. These chrome mirrors look great for a stock look. No new holes are required in your bodywork! Now available with a convex mirror for your passenger side to help reduce your blind spot. 

These mirrors also work great with sidecurtains in place. They will not interfere with the forward tip of the sidecurtain when the door swings opens, as shown in the photo gallery.

NOTE: The passenger side mirror will be partially obstructed by the stanchion of your mirror. Most people like to put both on for the aesthetic pleasure of symmetry. You may want to order the convex passenger mirror if you're extremely worried about the visibility you get from the passenger mirror.

NOTE: These mirror studs are about 1/2 inch long after they pass through your windshield pillars. This is ample protrusion to get the nut fastened on the threads. Some Sprites have had prior cowl bodywork and/or filler in this area so please confirm your cowl is not thickened by prior repairs. If your cowl has been modified or replaced, these may not fit because the stud may not be long enough for your particular car.

To check, measure the thickness of your car between the windshield pillar face and the underside of the body where the nut normally lives. Remove the rear windshield to body screw and nut (on one side at a time) and insert a probe to define and measure the thickness. Measure that probe penetration-if more than 1/2 inch, these will not fit.

Our square post mirrors have longer studs and they are another option, which you can see by clicking here.

NOTE: Install the left mirror on the right post and vice versa. This will tuck the mirror in tight to the windshield pilar and allow the mirror to clear the door when it opens. If you install the mirrors the other way, they will hit the front edge of your door when you open it. See the photos below of the mirrors installed. The hooked arm of the mirror arcs upward, as shown in the photos of the mirror installed.

NOTE: These mirrors will not work on the earlier style 9 stud stanchions.  

 Here is a short video showing some mirror options:

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