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Austin Healey Sprite Windshield Post Mirror rectangular (sold individually) Exterior - Bugeye

Windshield Post Mirror rectangular (sold individually)

$ 21.95

Side mirrors are always a challenge. No one wants to drill their fenders, especially on a fresh restoration. So a windshield post mirror is an excellent option, and here is one that will fit in the aft hole of your windshield frame. This mirror requires no new holes in your bodywork!

These mirrors work nicely on both driver and passenger side of the car. The only downside of these is when you use your sidecurtains, as the front corner of the side curtain may hit the mirror when you swing the door all the way open. On most cars you can adjust the mirror into a spot to minimize this issue. And if you rarely use your sidecurtains, it's not an issue.

Price is for one mirror.

NOTE: Will work on '58 early frames 

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