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Sprite Midget Oil Cooler Kit (948-1275 Engines)

Sprite Midget Oil Cooler Kit (948-1275 Engines)

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For extremely hot climates, this kit is a great option. The hoses attach to the block and oil filter housing and add a loop of hose that diverts oil to the cooler so you can radiate additional heat.

Mounting the cooler is a bit tricky on Bugeyes; it's tough to find a clear air space that will provide good exposure to fresh air without blocking the flow of air to the coolant radiator. Refer to the photos above for one installation layout we had in our building at the time of this listing.

This car has rubber hoses shown and a slightly larger cooler, but the 10 row cooler we sell is more than adequate. (If you need a larger cooler for extreme conditions, let us know and we can provide that too).

If you live in the desert, race, or otherwise operate at temperature extremes, an oil cooler is a smart upgrade. Requires an additional half quart of engine oil, which will also help radiate additional heat.

NOTE: The photos we show for this kit were in a Bugeye equipped with a much later 1275 A+ engine like would be found in Mini coopers in the 80s. This engine has the oil filter in the location you see, pointed upside-down with the line adapter plate added. The kit we sell is designed to work with a 948/1098/1275 A series engine which has the filter boss in a different location, tucked up under the generator. Click here for the correct spin-on oil filter adapter for 948-1275 A-series engines.

Please note the installation photos show rubber hoses but we provide stainless steel hoses as shown in the kit photo.

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