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Sportier Sprite Tire - 165/70R13

Sportier Sprite Tire - 165/70R13

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Looking for a larger tire for your Sprite? Look no more! 

As shown in the pictures above, you can see and old 155 tire on the right and a new 165 plump white wall on the left. Just 10 more mm of width and look at how the 165 dwarfs the tire that was on the car (on the right).

Tire size is a tricky topic when it comes to Sprites. Narrow tires have a better ride quality and better road feel, but less grip. Wider tires have a harsh ride and reduce the beautiful steering balance on these cars. The best compromise is a 165… these give you maximum contact patch without sacrificing some degree of comfort. This is the size that we use in all of our builds for the best balance of handling, braking and ride quality.

The other big advantage of 165s is that they generally don't hit the bodywork or the fenders (which is a big problem with 175 tires). Thus, 165 is about our maximum width we reccomend. You'll see immediate handling improvements with these tires on your Spridget.

Also, check out our 165 white walls by clicking here.

You may need 3/16 rear wheel spacers to fit 165s on your Sprite, which you can find by clicking here (the original tire size was 145).

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