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Wide White Wall tire set for all Spridgets!

Wide White Wall tire set for all Spridgets!

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These tires are a great period accessory for your Austin Healey Bugeye Sprite and they fit beautifully. This is the white wall we use for all customer cars when white walls are requested. Many Bugeyes were shipped new with wide white walls. If your heritage certificate indicates that the car came with white walls, these do the job nicely!

We much prefer these to the original bias-plys. These radial tires corner and brake better and the ride quality is superior, all while retaining a very vintage look!  This is a superior radial product! And they look great, as shown below!

These tires are S speed rated and are DOT and ECE-approved. They are made by BF Goodrich and these Silvertown radials feature a high-tech all-season tread design that grips nicely on dry roads and handles great!

These arrive well wrapped to protect the white sidewall. Once un-wrapped, do not stack or you will risk staining the white band. If they get dirty, we use spray Blechwhite cleaner to make them look new once again!  If you are into authenticity, click here to get a Birth Certificate for your Bugeye!!

You can either get 155 width white walls or 165 width white walls so be sure you select the proper tire!

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