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Side Curtain Thumb Screw (Sold Individually)

Side Curtain Thumb Screw (Sold Individually)

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Many Sprites have rusty or pitted side curtain thumb screws. Or they are missing completely! These chrome thumb screws look great, for mounting side curtains on your Austin Healey Bugeye Sprite.

These often arrive to our shop with excess chrome on the threads, which prevents them from fitting correctly. We chase the threads and test each screw prior to shipping to ensure our customers get a tight fit.

Sold individually.

Overall length about 1-1/8", thread length about 7/8"

If you need new plexiglass for your side curtains you can get those by clicking here.

If you would like the rubber grommets to protect your trim, find them here.

If your side curtains are worn, tired, or dingy find new ones here.

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