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Replacement plexiglass panels for Bugeye Sprite side curtains

Replacement plexiglass panels for Bugeye Sprite side curtains

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Over-time the sliding plexiglass in Bugeye side curtains get scratched and damaged.  This is a new set of Plexi to make your side curtains like new. Each set comes with two small rectangular plexi blocks used to help slide your windows, just as was used on the originals. You will need to attach these on your new windows, and that location depends on which side curtain you are repairing. One set includes a front and rear piece, enough to repair 1 side curtain. If you are doing both sides of your car you will need two sets.

Note: On some side curtains, our plexiglass panels are a little bit too tall and need to be sanded down a bit to fit perfectly. We recommend using a belt sander to do this and try taking off a little bit of material at a time, checking it against the frame and an old piece of the plastic (if it can be salvaged) so you don’t take off too much material and have to start over. Once you get them sanded down to where they are close, there is a little bit of flex in the material already, so you may find that (if done carefully so as not to break them!) that they may go in on their own.

We have heard of people using a heat gun to warm up the plastic a little bit (or doing it in the sun on a hot day would also help). Warm plexiglass (not so warm as to melt them, be careful if using this method!) is lots easier to work with than cold plexiglass.

While not an easy process, replacing the panels is doable with a little time and finesse, the key is just being careful and taking your time!

We also sell the rubber gaskets that go around your side curtains, if yours are rotted or damaged this is a great time to replace these as well, get new seals by clicking here.

Once you have you have restored your side curtains we highly recommend getting a side curtain pouch to keep them protected from future scratches, get one by clicking here.

These windows measure 9.25 inches high.

INSTALLATION NOTE: We recommend using SCIGRIP 16 Acrylic Plastic Cement. Beware - this stuff is very strong and almost melts the two pieces together so be very deliberate where you put your blocks! You only need a tiny bit of the adhesive.   

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