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Side curtain gaskets for Mark 1 and 2 Sprite and Midget

Side curtain gaskets for Mark 1 and 2 Sprite and Midget

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 The rubber seals around side curtains have a limited lifespan and over time, they get cracked, ripped, dry and damaged.  Here are new rubber seal gaskets that go around your side curtains.

These gaskets are designed to fit side-curtain equipped Bugeyes and Mark II Sprites up to 1962. NOT APPLICABLE FOR ROLL-UP WINDOW CARS.

***There are several different sizes of side curtains found on Bugeyes. These gaskets are sized to fit most. In order to get the best results, it may be necessary to cut this gasket at the seam and re-glue the ends once it is installed on your particular set of side curtains.***

If you need new plexiglass for your side curtains you can get those by clicking here. 

 Once you have you have restored your side curtains we highly recommend getting a side curtain pouch to keep them protected, get one by clicking here.

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