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Black/Black Rubberized Hardura trunk mat kit

Black/Black Rubberized Hardura trunk mat kit

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Bugeyes were originally delivered with this material in the boot, this is a nice reproduction of that original material. It's more water resistant than carpet and looks great!

This is rubberized mat kit will nicely finish-off the parcel shelf and cargo area of your Bugeye. Each piece is backed with horsehair just like the original.

This kit includes in black only:

  1. Rear shelf cover
  2. Driver-side wheel-arch cover
  3. Passenger side wheel-arch cover
  4. Trunk floor cover

If you're looking to protect the cockpit of your spirte, check out our Hardura Cockpit Floor Kit. Or if you'd like total protection, take a look at our Complete Hardura Floor Covering Kit.

Installation note:

When needing to mount hardware through any of the pieces of hardura (ex. mounting your seat), it's best to use an awl through the bottom of the panel to locate the where the holes need to be made. Do not slice the hardura for the possibility of damaging your floor kit, make deliberate holes.
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