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Deluxe Rubberized Hardura Floor Coverings! Cockpit-covering Kit

Deluxe Rubberized Hardura Floor Coverings! Cockpit-covering Kit

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Here's one of our best new products yet to transform your Bugeye Sprite cockpit!

This floor mat set is true to the heritage of a Bugeye Sprite while adding durability and style. It's easy to clean and a perfect match for original Bugeye trunk mats!

For years we have tried to develop a practical non-carpet solution for Bugeye Sprite floor covering. The original cars came with thin rubber mats which did not last. They were thin and inexpensive, and have proven difficult to reproduce. But the trunk mats were made of a rubberized matting that is still available, and we have formed and stitched an elegant yet authentic extension of those rear mats. Now, you can cover your entire Bugeye floor in a non-carpet material that looks correct. It's durable, lined with horsehair for sound deadening and it also looks more appropriate in a Bugeye than carpet. Carpet is nice, we've been selling our own carpet sets for years. But this new material looks to me like what a Sprite should have on it's floors. Carpet has been widely accepted as the standard since no one was able to make a rubber mat that was accurate. Now we have a great new alternative. I love it so much, I have built it into my personal car (that's the green set you see in the pictures). I think you will feel the same way and want to add it to yours!

We have also improved on the layout used in most carpet kits. With this product, you need to glue the front cross member pieces as well as the rear wheel arches. The front footwell mats are one piece, thereby eliminating the need to glue in the small triangular pieces found in carpet kits. It's one more improvement to make installation easier.

These kits come with matching color thread (red with red thread, blue with blue thread, etc.). Custom, contrasting thread colors are available for an additional fee by clicking here. Please include your custom thread color in the check out notes or feel free to email us at

A heel pad is also available as an option for the driver's footwell, and these are available in rubber or deluxe wool sisal. Color combinations are extensive, each kit is made to order. 

This kit includes:

  1. Driver-side footwell cover
  2. Passenger-side footwell cover
  3. Driver-side crossmember cover
  4. Passenger-side crossmember cover
  5. Driver-side floor cover
  6. Passenger-side floor cover
  7. Shift tunnel cover

If you're looking to protect the trunk of your Spirte, check out our Hardura Trunk Floor Covering Kit. Or if you'd like total protection, take a look at our Complete Hardura Floor Covering Kit.

This set is made for LHD cars unless ordered otherwise. Since they are made to order, RHD is also available in all colors. Allow up to two weeks lead time.

Transform your Bugeye cockpit today!

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