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Reproduction Bugeye Air Filters (pair) for H1 Carburetors

Reproduction Bugeye Air Filters (pair) for H1 Carburetors

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This is a pair of new reproduction air filters just like the ones that came on your Bugeye Sprite when it was new.  They are a very faithful reproduction for the 1 1/8 H1 carbs, if you do not know which carburetors you have here is a handy diagram we made:  (if you have HS2 Carbs we have wonderful K&N filters you can get by clicking here).

Installation Note: H1 air filters will not fit on a HS2 carb!

When installing, there is a breather hose that runs from the valve cover to the nipple on the bottom of the filter housing. The filter with the nipple is the FRONT air filter, and the nipple faces the FRONT of the car.

Note: in some cases, you may want a second gasket when mounting these air filters. The backing on the filters are not very flat, however, they are the same from each manufacturer. Alternatively, if you would like very good filters, you can upgrade your carbs to HS2s and use K&N Filters.

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