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Austin Healey Sprite Rebuilt Rib Case Transmission Mechanical - Bugeye

Rebuilt Rib Case Transmission

$ 1,195.00

Here's a rebuilt gearbox ready to install in any Spirte Midget. New bearings and synchros have been installed, as well as any new gears and parts as needed.

If you are changing from smooth to rib case transmission, you will need to address the shift lever. Original smooth and ribbed levers are not the same, check the photo for the proper dimensions. Ribbed is longer.

One option is to purchase our exclusive ribbed transmission that accepts the original smooth shift lever. This way, you can use the original smooth case lever.

Another option is to purchase a ribbed gearbox and add-on a ribbed lever that we custom weld here. This way you can use the ribbed lever in your new gear box. Let us know in the notes of your order which one you prefer!

(Ribbed levers are available by clicking here...)

**Does not qualify for free shipping promotions, no credit for smooth case transmissions-if you buy a ribbed, we need a ribbed back. Thanks!

Core exchange is required if you want the core credit refunded-we need a good rebuildable rib case in return so we can rebuild it for the next client. We'll refund $150 on receipt of your rebuildable core. Cores need to be inspected internally before a core refund can be issued, to determine if the internal parts are damaged beyond repair. Core return shipping is at your expense.

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