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Correct Ribbed-Case Shift Lever

Correct Ribbed-Case Shift Lever

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While you will find posts on the web and in forums to the contrary, ribbed and smooth levers are not the same. They will work if exchanged, but not correctly, and if you have a sloppy shifting action, check to see if you have a short lever in your ribbed transmission. You can measure per the dimensions in the photo to see what you have.

Surplus original ribbed levers are generally in service (since so many people switch from smooth to ribbed) so original ribbed levers have become very hard to find. To address this need, we have started converting original chrome smooth levers to ribbed levers. This custom conversion utilizes the original chrome smooth lever which is modified in such a way that it looks and performs like a ribbed-case shift lever.

Note: These are used levers so the finish is not consistent. Some may need to be re-chromed or painted. 

If you have a good chrome smooth case shift lever core with good thread and good chrome, we'll give you a $25 core credit upon return of your lever.

If you are replacing your shift lever, you should install a shift therapy kit to ensure smooth operation!

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