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Austin Healey Sprite Rear Lever Shocks - sold as pair (Price includes core charge) Suspension - Bugeye

Stock rear Spridget Lever Shocks - sold as pair (Price includes core charge)

$ 304.95

A lot of the cars that come through our shop have a ride that leaves something to desired.  One of the key elements in your Bugeye's ride quality is the condition of the lever shocks.  Rear shocks are often overlooked, and new ones really improve the ride quality.

Remove the arm and see if there is a sloppy or loose portion of the travel, and you will find that yours need replacement. Or if yours are leaking, now is the time. We don't refill shocks because they will continue to leak and only prolong the inevitable.

Sold as a pair.

There is a $40 core charge per shock built into the price, you will receive this core charge back when you return your old shocks, so the price for shocks is $224.95 per pair plus $80 refundable core charge ($304.95 total). Postage is not included, you will need to pack and send back your shock cores at your expense.

Treat yourself to a new plush ride! And these shocks are guaranteed not to leak for life! If they leak, return them for a free replacement!

Note: Dog bones are often also needed, be sure to order those as well if they need replacing.

CORE NOTE: Dog bones must be removed from shocks for a refund of your core charge. There will be a deduction from your core refund if any of the following effect rebuildability: missing/broken/damaged valves, covers, arms, and clinch bolts. Also if the unit is seized, cracked or has oversized mounting holes. 

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