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Pair of Spridget LeMans REAR Shock Absorbers - Uprated

Pair of Spridget LeMans REAR Shock Absorbers - Uprated

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Black with red stripe is Heavy duty!. 

NEW! LeMans rear shocks!

Ride quality is crucial for maximum Midget (and Sprite) fun. Good shocks are essential to attain the best ride quality.

These silver shocks have become our favorite… I can tell after driving hundreds of Bugeyes over the same streets that these shocks are plush enough to provide a nice level of comfort, stiff enough for great performance, and they look cool too!

Many people tend to discount the importance of rear shocks in a Sprite. After all, the back ends are so light, why would it matter? Well, when you hit the bump in front of our shop with bad rear shocks, the entire boot operates as a subwoofer and lets out a KA-BONG! So rear shocks matter a whole lot indeed. Make sure yours are good!

If your shocks are leaking, you’re done. Lots of people like to refill them, but they will simply leak out again. We replace all leakers. You should too.

If yours aren't leaking, you may not be able to tell if they are shot just by pressing down on the rear fender. Better to disconnect the arms and see if they move smoothly through their entire range without any loose or dead spots. Any loose undamped arm motion translates to inferior ride and performance!

Priced at $434.95 for the pair, plus a core charge of $60 each ($120 core charge per pair included, refundable upon receipt of your rebuildable cores). Sold in pairs (they both have to match). Postage is not included, you will need to pack and send back your shock cores at your expense. Make sure your dog bones are in good shape for the rear shocks, these are your bushings and they have to be tight! You can order those by clicking here.

CORE NOTE: Dog bones must be removed from shocks for a refund of your core charge. There will be a deduction from your core refund if any of the following effect rebuildability: missing/broken/damaged valves, covers, arms, and clinch bolts. Also if the unit is seized, cracked or has oversized mounting holes. 

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