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Austin Healey Sprite Oil pressure gauge rubber line Mechanical - Bugeye

Oil pressure gauge rubber line

$ 22.95

This is a vital union between the block and the metal line that feed your oil pressure gauge. We build it up for you so it's user friendly and fits, with hose clamps and sleeves so that you can tighten and secure this important life line for your oil pressure gauge and your engine. This piece is often cracked, so make sure yours is good, because I had a cracked hose rupture and nearly fill up the parking lot with what seemed like several quarts of oil.

NOTE: The length of the rubber line seems to vary from car to car, so we supply a 10.5" section as it seems to accommodate most, if not all, cars. Please measure the rubber line on your car and confirm a 10.5" section will work for you. We can provide a longer hose if needed.

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