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Sprite Mechanical oil pressure gauge line fitting Kit (948-1275 Engines)

Sprite Mechanical oil pressure gauge line fitting Kit (948-1275 Engines)

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The feed line for your oil pressure gauge is a major oil artery and these are often poorly restored and ready to fail. When they do go, and we have seen this happen, expect a giant mess, not to mention the risk of engine damage due to lack of oil.

So we encourage you to check this part of your car. You need a rubber mounted union as shown to provide shock relief to make sure the hard line won't break from vibration. You need the right fittings at the block and gauge to avoid leaks. This kit has all that and replaces the entire line from block fitting to gauge, so you have peace of mind.

Included in this kit:

One engine block barbed fitting (this is the right angle piece shown on the left side of the rubber hose). That piece attaches on the passenger side of the engine block, near the back plate.

One copper oil pressure gauge line that connects your gauge to the rubber line.

One high pressure rubber hose with clamps to unite the two metal segments and provide shock absorption for the system.

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